March 2 2017 Sunrise Photo Album

a new start

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As would a proud parent here I present a sequence of images taken over a 2 minute 12 second interval, the morning of Thursday, March 2nd, 2017.  While standing facing the Atlantic Ocean I captured this series of images as the sun emerged from the clouds. Technically, sunrise was hidden by the distant cloud cover obstructing the horizon. The emergence of the orb from the clouds adds drama to the images, the hazy atmosphere filters light to the benefit of the overall effect.

I worked with a Sony Alpha 700 DSLR with a UV filter, handheld in spot mode. I set the exposure by hovering over the sun.

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21 thoughts on “March 2 2017 Sunrise Photo Album

  1. Really a very geat performance!
    You are an artist, you give envy
    to find yourself in places, being shot. There is love and poetry.
    I am delighted to meet you. What style of master!
    Vanina Lys (France)

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