A Day at Iron Kettle Farm

One Saturday of October 2012 we enjoyed this last outing with my mother Catherine Ann Wills.  She passed away June 2013 at the age of 90 years.  We miss you, Mom.

A display of large pumpkins near the entrance to the Iron Kettle Farm.

Grand Entrance Display

Enter…if you dare….Corn Mazes are popular tourist attractions and are not simply corn fields. The plantings must be made later, planted thinner and fertilized less than those used for crops.


These small, inedible squash, once dried and hollowed out, become gourds. The plant is in the Cucurbitaceae family of the genus Lagenaria. The squash on this table are too small for anything but displays and decorations, such as centerpieces. Great fun and make and enjoy.

Ornamental Squash / Gourds

These ornamental squash, also know as cucurbita are not are large enough for use as food. When dried, will last a long time.

Ornamental Squash / Gourds

Take your pick of pumpkins….

Take your pick

…the pumpkins are sorted by size and price.

If you enjoy my work….click this link for my OnLine gallery. Your support is appreciated. Thank You.

The pumpkins are sorted....
We chose small to medium sized pumpkins.

Our choice.....
Thankfully, the trees kept to their usual habits and did not talk to us today.

Thankfully, the trees....
My dear wife, Pam, was in her element.  She loves gardening.

Pam, in her element
We left the wheelchair at home and Mom enjoyed exploring the exhibits, watching people and the exercise.

Mom was up and about this day...

20 thoughts on “A Day at Iron Kettle Farm

  1. Fabulous visit to Iron Kettle Farm,gorgeous pumpkins stories and stunning photography.Great tribute to your mother,your post is imbued with nostalgia. and bitter sweet memories.I know the feeling.Nice to meet your sweet wife Pam,the soul of your garden,I assume.
    Btw,I visited your splendid nature gallery and also your Twitter site,you’ve a new follower from now on.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love the pumpkin with the leaves on it and the tree with the face. Your mom looked like she was enjoying the day, glad you have these wonderful times together to share.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m so taken with the face on the tree…looks so friendly and welcoming and feel one should stop for a chat! 😀 Wow, pumpkins galore, glad you and your wife could make a choice, the colours are glorious and autumnal and I’m intrigued by the ornamental squashes! Perfect post for the end of the month and a delight to read!


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