Success: IStock accepted Saint Patrick

Several readers have asked for an update on my Saint Patrick photograph, the statue of Saint Patrick at Tara.

In my post “Saint Patrick’s Return to the Hill of Tara” I described the research undertaken, after the photograph was sent back from IStock for revisions because there were questions of copyright and the authorship of the statue.  Click the above link for complete details of the messages sent from IStock, my research and how it was applied to the IStock submission.  Briefly, the research demonstrated the sculptor is anonymous.

Last week, I received word the photograph was published on IStock.  Click this link to view the photograph on IStock. I can only assume my research and they way I presented the response was acceptable.  Part of my response were revisions to the photograph description.  If you click on the IStock link, you might need to scroll down to view my description at the very bottom.

Thank You for your interest.

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8 thoughts on “Success: IStock accepted Saint Patrick

  1. Congrats!! That’s great they allow you for revision! Really nice write up by you too.
    I had some editorial images rejected due to copyrights of the subjects, I did not remember they ask me for revision 😦


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