2018 New York State Fair Four (4) Horse Hitch Competition

Up-close portraits of the teams with competition action shots.

This series was captured on Sunday, September 2, 2018 during the lead up to the Registered Mares – 4 Horse Hitch (Class: 1502) of the Draft category.

I used a Canon EOS-1ds Mark III body with the Canon Lens EF 70 – 300 IS USM lens, Hoya UV filter.  No flash.

Standing outside the stadium, in the bright sun, the teams road to the stadium from the barn.

Click a pic for a larger view of the 1200 x 800 image. You need to click twice. The first click with bring up a small image, click on that image for the full view.



There was a long wait for the second team that allowed me some fantastic closeups.

These are inside the stadium, from the bleachers.

16 thoughts on “2018 New York State Fair Four (4) Horse Hitch Competition

  1. The detail! Lovely, Michael and glad you’re back- was concerned as it’s been awhile since your last post.😎🙏


  2. Wow this is incredible, Michael! Thank you for sharing these photos. I’ve loved horses ever since I was a little kid. That last one particularly moved me – the legs in motion is so good.

    Nice to connect with you. Hope you are well. 🙂

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