Hoary Elm

This day, as our hill turns to snow globe, I remember this early morning, March 2007, on the edge of spring.  

Hoary as in covered in frost to appear bleached with age. 

As winter changed to spring I noticed the first greening of the limbs and, each November, the eerie form of the limbs revealed.  I call the tree an “elm” though I am not certain.  There are other lone survivor elms nearby, the leaves are right for an elm.  Some elm species/specimens have the same shape.

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14 thoughts on “Hoary Elm

  1. We have many elms here in Oklahoma, though I do not know how to tell any species apart. This tree you photographed has a lovely shape. Most of the elms here are ragged-looking due to their nature of breaking in ice and wind. Elm trees are what I harvest branches from for the deer when I’m doing fawn rehabilitation. They love nibbling the leaves!

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    1. Elms are prolific. Around here they used to grace public spaces. Most were destroyed by Dutch Elm disease. Every once in awhile I spot a survivor standing alone next to farm fields. The deer can only reach so I, they must enjoy the young leaves.

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  2. Love the grandeur of large trees in any season. We have a few magnificent, snow-covered spruce trees across the way that really add a touch of beauty to the dreariness of winter. 🙂

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