Christmas Ornaments 2018 III

of this world

The attitude of today’s resin figure, alert, vigilant, aware while not exactly at odds with her accoutrements, provide a counter point to the flower banner and crown, a basket of flowers.   

Click this photograph for my Fine Art Photography gallery
Click this Photograph for my Fine Art Photography gallery.

After publishing my previous post, “Christmas Ornaments 2018 II”, a word that escaped me during that writing came to mind.  Lambent came to mind.  From the Latin meaning “to lick”, used in the sense of “to glow with light”, as in a tongue of flickering flame, a visual analog to the numinous as in halos of the saints such as the “Immaculate Conception” of the first post of this series.

This fairy is entirely, by her dress, of an older version of this world, defiantly hanging on.  Proud of her accomplishments, ready to vanish in a moment.  Doing exactly as she pleases and happy to leave lambency to a fellow traveler, the Christmas Tree. 

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8 thoughts on “Christmas Ornaments 2018 III

  1. Your words make an excellent accompaniment to the ornament. It occurred to me that someone has to design each such figure, and it would be interesting to interview the designer to find what he or she had in mind.

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    1. What a fantastic idea, Steve, and such fun. On turning the figure over it is well documented. “Kathy Killip, Wildflower Angel 2001” she has a web site and store with her story available from a google.


      1. That was my assumption, as well. Thinking better of relying on assumptions, I picked it up and was stuck by the size, Pam is the one who handles them. It is all crisp detail and great care, so it is not surprising in retrospect. I appreciate the nudge, Steve.


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