Hepatica, Fillmore Glen

Hepatica from April 2007

Back in 2007 I used a 100 mm Canon Macro lens on a Kodak slr along with a Sony DSC-F828 variable lens for this mix of macro and habitat captures presented as a gallery so you can flip back and forth among the larger images. Click any image to bring up a larger version.

Click for my “Finger Lakes Memories” Fine Art Photography Gallery.

Copyright 2019 All Rights Reserved Michael Stephen Wills

38 thoughts on “Hepatica, Fillmore Glen

  1. A wonderful taste of the vitality of spring here, Michael Stephen, with your exquisite photos. I especially like the one near the top with all the purple flowers, because you were able to highlight several of the different stages.

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      1. I read your posting, Khurt, and researched the Sourland Mountain Preserve and perused the set of photographs of Flickr. I knew Bleeding Heart seeds were dispersed by ants, Hepatica seeds are new information for me. Thanks. Bleeding Heart seeds have a tiny external oily Elaiosome on the outside that ants are attracted to and consume.

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