Life from Death

while trillium

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Taken with a Canon 100 mm “macro” lens, a Kodak dslr body, a Manfrotto tripod and ample time and patience.


Trillium rise from the decaying tree roots.
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19 thoughts on “Life from Death

  1. It’s been such a pleasure seeing all the trilliums from around the country. I especially like the combination of the flowers and the stump, but I have to ask — are those red trilliums in the background, to the left?

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  2. I have visited an at least 400 years old oak tree today (said to be 800 years old by others) and looking more dead but still very alive. Such plants, and plants in general, do impress me a lot, more than the species walking on 2 feets or more. So this here is a nice view on nature as it is originally or as it should be preferably.

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