Summer Waterfall Walk

Travelling light, using IPhone captures during a 5.7 mile walk on the Gorge and South Rim Trails of Robert H. Treman New York State Park, Finger Lakes Region near Ithaca, New York. A few waterfalls and sights along the way. Distance is from the “Health” app on my phone.

One of many waterfalls along the Gorge Trail
Looking back to the above waterfall
Enchanted Trail
Birdsong and enchanted place
The power of flowing water (flood stage)

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Purple Flowering Raspberry
Wild Rose
It is good to know where you are
Rim Trail Panorama
Sweep of Lucifer Falls from the Gorge Trail
That is the South Rim Trail Lucifer Falls Overlook, upper left.
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20 thoughts on “Summer Waterfall Walk

  1. What a wonderful walk. I would love to ride my horse through the trails in the forest. Not sure what he would make of the waterfalls though. We don’t have those in the forest trails we go on here.

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  2. I have learned something! Here in the south our wax myrtle (myrica cerifera) is a bayberry, too. It looks similar to northern bayberry (myrica pensylvanica), with the principal difference the northern loses most of its leaves in winter while ours is evergreen.

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  3. Gorgeous waterfalls and flowers. I’m always fascinated by both. iPhone is amazing. I saw a huge billboard along the freeway and wondered what the advertisement was about, at the very bottom, it said taken by iPhone 6 (when it first came out).

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  4. Amazing beauty with the blending of the landscape with the lush vegetation and the steady play of the water. I could look at these pictures for quite awhile. Thanks for sharing Michael.

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  5. My horse Biasini writes posts on my blog and he is posting something about a trail we go on and he has linked with a pingback to this post. He says he would not be too happy with the waterfalls but the trails look nice. The post will go up tomorrow morning. July 3.

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