Orsorno Volcano and Petrohué Waterfalls

Petrohué Waterfalls (pronounced petro-WEH) is within Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park of Chile. For me, this view was one of the draws of our entire trip, that stratovolcano and its craggy children in the distance the same type as Mount Vesuvius, the volcano that wiped Pompeii off the map in 79 AD. Described by Pliny, the eruption type is named even today “plinian,” the most destructive and violent of all volcanic eruptions.

It was an irrational happiness I felt walking this place, I still smile to myself remembering it.

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The mastery of water over volcanic rock deposited by ancient eruptions of the Orsorno Volcano.

Here was a great spot for people watching, the behaviors of the flood of tourists drawn to this spot, Pam and I among them. See my previous post of this aspect. The falls are very easy to get to with solid walk ways over the lava. A safe, if crowded, venue.

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21 thoughts on “Orsorno Volcano and Petrohué Waterfalls

  1. I found this photo fantastic, Michael Stephen. Seeing the stratovolcano in the background, so majestic; and in the foreground a close-up view of the pumice-ash composite; plus the curious crevasses and water. Spectacular. Thanks for introducing me to Orsorno Volcano and Petrohue Waterfalls.

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  2. I’ve always been fascinated by volcanos and waterfalls. You are a master at capturing both of those in your photography. Today’s photo is breathtaking!

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