The Arctic?

Views from the bridge on Christmas Eve 2019

No, on the afternoon of Christmas Eve I took the 1.2 mile walk around Beebee Lake, wearing Yacktracs for the icy paths, after a series of very cold days.

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The lake surface resembled the images of a Saturn moon.

It is a picturesque structure, the bridge, spanning the mouth of a water filled gorge of Fall Creek.

Here is another photograph of the interesting lake surface. All photos of this post are from my IPhone.j

Fall Creek is frozen wall to wall of the gorge.

Slideshow of photographs in this series

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7 thoughts on “The Arctic?

  1. Beautiful photos, Michael. I do understand the fascination of frozen waterfalls.
    Have taken a number of them in Sweden of a big waterfall. Amazes me how the water can freeze
    like that whilst in full movement. Creates wonderful patterns.


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