Pelicans Skimming Waves

Wave Play

Brown Pelicans (Pelecanus occidentalis) fly as linear flocks of a few individuals, at altitude over the shore, and low over the surf line as seen here. Taken January 27, 2020 with the IPhone 8, there is a now nostalgic insertion of the modern world as a cruise ship comes into view. The ship departs Cape Canaveral Cruise port for parts unknown to me.

Pelicans, when skimming the waves solo, fly even closer, and do wipe-out when a wingtip hits the water. This bird successfully negotiates a path through the surf.

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      1. If you go to Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge in Titusville, you will often see them there. It’s not that far if you are in cocoa beach. We saw them there a couple of weeks ago on Black Point Drive. Parts of the refuge were still open. 😊

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