Handheld Sailboard

catching the wind

A week after Rough Surf pounded Cocoa Beach a north wind was up, I set out on a long beach walk. Our plan was to meet at Cheri Down Park, Pam driving up with lunch.

After I emerged from under the Cocoa Beach pier, I spotted this sailboarder. At first it was the handheld sail that caught my attention, enough to capture this video. Watching the recording, I see his board is equipped with a hydrofoil. He is about a foot above the water.

Click to open in a new browser tab for better experience.

This rider has nothing on the Man O’War, of the post header image. Click this link to visit “Man O’War Beach Walk” on my blog.

Copyright 2020 All Right Reserved Michael Stephen Wills Photograph

10 thoughts on “Handheld Sailboard

  1. That is one talented and strong man to be able to hydrofoil around while holding the sail. Also liked the photo of the Man O’ War, Michael Stephen. I know they’re terribly dangerous, but wow, are they ever beautiful. I’ve never seen one before, thanks for this safe and close-up view.

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