The Header image is a Cocoa Beack, Florida osprey

Click me to view Red-Tailed hawks, live, on YouTube for a larger viewing experience and more context.

Click me to view “Autumn Stroll in Sapsucker Woods” by Michael Stephen Wills.


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14 thoughts on “Hawks!!

  1. I often keep the Sapsucker Woods webcam up, just to listen to the birds in the background. It can be especially fun at night, when there aren’t so many sounds, but the flying squirrels show up.

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      1. Hi Michael,

        Now you know what to do to test any computer worth their salt — just time how long the computer takes to load any one of the longer posts on my blog, and also see how well it can display the advanced features of the post.

        Here’s another magnum opus to put your laptop or desktop to its pace:


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