Iquique by Sea I

Coastline Panorama

Very early morning, February 10, 2016 the Oceania Regatta cruise ship sailed the Pacific Ocean on approach to Iquique, the first Chilean port on our voyage along every one, and more, of the 2,672 miles of length.

These are views of the Atacama desert coastline, the driest land in the world, on par with the frozen Antarctic. The ship is making progress against the cold Humbolt current, flowing from southern Chile to northern Peru, the view encompasses contrasting cold water with land rising sharply from the Pacific.

Above and below are views of a dark point of land marking the abandoned town Caleta Buena on a 750 foot escarpment above the remains of piers. Nitrate mining was the reason for the town’s existence, just as it was for Iquique.

These are sequential shots, working north to south, using a 24 mm “wide angle” Canon lens, mounted on a tripod, to form a seascape panorama.

We are on the balcony of our port side stateroom. I did much great work from this spot. During out 250 mile overnight sail from Matarani, Peru absolute blackness was the norm along this desolate coast.

Those are coastal mountains rising to the Atacama desert plain.

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