Iquique by Sea II

God’s Thumbprint

Eleven minutes have passed since Part I. A large ship like the Regatta moves ever more slowly the closer it comes to port. In the intern I swapped out the 24 mm lens with a variable “zoom”, 70 – 300mm.

Click any photograph for a larger view and use Ctrl-x to zoom in closer.

The lens allows me to glean more details. Compare the upper and lower photographs. Between the ghost town Caleta Buena and Iquique the coastal range falls directly into the Pacific. The word “caleta” means a small bay, just enough protection and space to build a dock from which to ship nitrates mined from the plane.

The upwelling of nutrients by the Humbold Current makes for excellent fishing grounds. This small fishing boat was headed out the for day. Click the photo for a closer view of this craft. This photograph also shows how the mountain falls directly into the ocean.

Here you can see the top of the pediment, a vast irregular, inhospitable plain.

Through an accident of geography (“the imprint of God’s thumb on the land)…..

….the cliffs recede south of a place called Punto Negro (above), leaving space for a substantial city to make a foothold….Iquique.

Above, to the right is where the cliffs start to recede.

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