Iquique by Sea V

Headed to anchorage

Thirty minutes have passed since Part I and the pilot boat from Part IV is pulling away, the pilot has climbed the rope ladder up the side of the Regatta and the boat is pulling away.

Click any photograph for a larger view and use Ctrl-x to zoom in closer.

I use the wide angle (70mm) of the variable zoom lens to provide a panorama of the scene.

With the pilot at the helm, watched by the Regatta crew, the ship slowly approaches the anchorage, just outside the harbor.

The ship will anchor outside the navigation lane, along with through far from, fishing boats.

Zoom into the scene to see the “dead end” highway, built into the escarpment above the fishing boat anchorage, were service vehicles are parked.

There is only one road linking Iquique to the outside world.

We will use the road to visit the World Heritage Site, Humberstone, site of a nitrate mine on the Atacama desert, on a plane above the city.

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