Iquique by Sea VI

At Anchor

Forty one minutes have passed and we are close to the anchorage site. There are shore birds flying beyond the pilot boat. The post header photograph is Punta Negra, the northern harbor boundary. I know the white is from a layer diatomaceous earth that runs along the coast. We first experienced it at out last port, Mollendo, Peru.

Click any photograph for a larger view and use Ctrl-x to zoom in closer.

I use the zoom (300mm) of the variable zoom lens to identy the birds flying in the linear formation I am familiar with from Florida: pelicans!!

The pilot boat stops between us and the anchored fishing boats.

Here are some close views of the fishing boats. I can just make out the shape of a Monkey Puzzle tree on the shoreline road, to the right in the expanded view (click photo).

The full 300mm zoom power of the lens on a stable tripod is coming into use for this series.

Anchor has dropped and we are ready board the tender from the trip from anchorage to port, the start of our day’s activities.

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