Lucifer Falls on an Autumn Evening

celebrate Halloween on Lucifer Falls

A reader’s comment to this blog, thank you “Urban Liaisons” prompted me to explore the word, Lucifer. “Lucifer”, in Christian tradition, refers to the devil as it was in a time of glory before the fall from grace. The original, ancient meaning of Lucifer is the planet Venus as it rises just before the sun at dawn.  In this sense, the name refers to the bright beauty of the spot.  The effect is heightened at midday when the hiker passes from the relative gloom of Devils Kitchen to the full light and sweep of the waterfall chasm.

Standing next to the falls on the Gorge Trail, the stone wall of the Rim Trail Overlook is overpowered by the grandeur of the 300+ foot cliff. The falls photographs were taken from behind the wall.

Occasionally, we have experienced individuals climbing over the wall to stand on the other side. “Why?”

Summertime thick stands of tiger lilies flourish on the cliff face. Can you find the withered leaves?

This session I finally “cracked” the puzzle of the Devil’s Kitchen Waterfall. I posted the results to the online gallery yesterday, for your enjoyment. Click the link to go there.

Click link for my fine art print “Devils Kitchen.”

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3 thoughts on “Lucifer Falls on an Autumn Evening

  1. Exquisite shot, Michael! I wonder if the full-on Nature of the scene appeals to peoples’ Inner Nature in such a powerful way that they climb over the wall to stand on The Other Side, to have a foot on both sides so to speak that takes them deep within. Just a thought.

    And random non sequitur prompted by your delving into Lucifer. It reminds me of a Calvin & Hobbes cartoon way back that I think was edited by a fan, that I edited n my mind. Calvin was standing in the dark in front of a light appearing, himself, to glow, and his parents said, “You are our little Angel.” … and my modified response from Calvin was, “COOL! Lucifer was an Angel!” 🙂 In the context of the beauty of your picture of the falls on the Gorge Trail and that “impish editing in good fun” you’ve given me quite an excellent laugh at almost 5:30 in the morning. Wonderful experience to take into my day. Thanks much. Again, exquisite shot. A thing of beauty.

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