Stopped Sun

On the 2020 AD winter solstice

In modern life, disconnected from nature, the steady movement of the sun’s course is not a concern. “This year, will the sun not stop this southward journey (northward in the southern hemisphere) and winter never end?”

Here is a monument to human skill and ingenuity from the Engineering Quad of Cornell University. The unusual, turreted building is the Johnson Graduate School of Management across Campus Road.

Here the sundial arms seem to embrace the sky, with Duffield Hall in the background across the Pew Engineering Quadrangle.

Inscription of human wisdom and knowleged.

To those responsible for this wonder. On this day it was keeping perfect time, I corrected the time on my camera from the sundial reading.

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7 thoughts on “Stopped Sun

  1. Thanks for sharing this amazing engineering work of art
    The different angles and the building in background is cool
    Also – the little plaque had the seek company and designer info
    Oh and how cool it keeps such good time
    Happy winter solstice and good post for today

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