Cocoon Story

No polite way to say it, a moth emerged from what appears to be, photographed below, a dried out dog turd. I discovered the cocoon weeks ago hanging under a bird bath I was cleaning. Curious, I collected it. There it was hanging in a mesh collection cage until yesterday…..

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When this fluffy moth, beige with chocolate markings appeared. The cocoon, now a dried out husk has not apparent breaks where the insect emerged.

The moth, surprisingly inactive, remained so until released in the evening. It did not fly away when I released it. Instead, it dropped out of site into a juniper bush. I tried to identify it without success.

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5 thoughts on “Cocoon Story

  1. I found a gray hairstreak sitting on a leaf of my Hawaiian schefflera yesterday morning. It stayed there without making a move for at least four hours. Eventually, it disappeared, and I assume it was a newly-emerged butterfly that was drying its wings. I’m going to search for an empty chrysalis this morning.


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