My photographic style evolved from an imperative to capture personal and fleeting memories, centering on the use of natural light to visualize emotion and evoke memory.

My son, Sean, and I traveled to New York City for the first Saint Patrick’s Day parade after September 11, 2001.  Every one there shared in the pride and resolve of the New York City Fire Department delegation.  The firemen had a huge presence.  All of 5th Avenue from side to side, as far as we could see, was filled.  Each held a full size American flag, so there was a block of American flags up the street.  I composed this image, “NYFD Saint Patricks Day Parade 2002“, to capture the feeling of this moment.

My fascination with photography is about working my appreciation of a moment through the limitations camera and media, to present this feeling of mine to the viewer.  My first camera was a 2.5 megapixel Sony Mavica.  I am since progressed to a Canon SLR and professional grade lenses.

In the years since, I discovered creation techniques for painting with light and invested in more sophisticated equipment.  Even so, my best photographs are the ones that come out of the camera as-is. This is the work I am happiest with.

Even for my canvas, “Ocotillo Sunset” (featured on the Contact page), made from several images, each individual image was as perfect in the camera as I could get it.  This takes time, planning and patience. Researching the site, waiting for the right time of day, right season, right light.

My blog will provide insight to my creative process.  For example, Fall Creek Winter describes a black and white work from 2005.