First Bloom

“Princess of the Night” one evening

Our Night Blooming Cereus spent this winter on a stand on an eastern facing window. The day after Memorial Day it is back to the poolside rain barrel where, looking up from swimming laps June 12th, I spied the first bloom of the season.

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I am sure it opened during the day.

I am grateful for the unexpected pleasure.

Photographs are from the Apple IPhone 7, flash enabled.

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13 thoughts on “First Bloom

  1. “Gangly” indeed – ours has taken over roughly 3 times the “allotted” (silly us!) space – it tangles into other plants and gets in the way. But then it blooms! Sooooo beautiful. Your photos are great – thanks for sharing.

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  2. Lovely! When I was a child, our neighbor had a Night Blooming Cereus. I have vivid memories of her calling my mother late one night for us to come over and see the spectacular blooms. I was maybe eight years old. The plant and its ability to just bloom at night made quite an impression on me. I’ve never seen another one. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.

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