Overlapping Hepatica and Trillium Blooms

four of a kind


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Four views of purple trillium, three of a grouping and one portrait. Taken in the same session of a rare set of perfect blooms growing wild.

Taken with a Canon 100 mm “macro” lens, a Kodak dslr body, a Manfrotto tripod and ample time and patience.


Fillmore Glen Purple Trillium

The trillium plant grows from a body of rhizomes, a type of underground stem you can think of as a type of root. There are rhizomes when use to flavor food such as turmeric, though trillium is not one of these.

Fillmore Glen Purple Trillium

The single scape grows straight from the ground to form a whorl of three bracts mirrored by the three green (usually) sepals and, again, by the three flower petals for which it is named.

You can clearly see all of this in my photographs.

Fillmore Glen Purple TrilliumFillmore Glen Purple Trillium

Copyright 2019 Michael Stephen Wills All Rights Reserved

22 thoughts on “Overlapping Hepatica and Trillium Blooms

    1. The trillium are plentiful in Fillmore Glen, both red and white. Where both types grow there are flowers with both colors in different hues, some a solid pale red, others white with red stripes. It is fun to walk along and spot these.

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  1. I took a master gardener course in hopes of being immersed with nature and wildflowers. I was not. The classes consisted primarily of herbicides, pesticides and maintenance of cultivated, manicured lawns capes. 😕 so thanks to innumerable walks in the woods and blogs such as yours I am learning!

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