Emerged from the chrysalis a butterfly’s wings are crumpled, useless. Here it is four minutes into freedom, abdomen bloated with fluid.

Click photograph for a larger view and use Ctrl-x to zoom in closer.

Click me for better experience viewing the following video. To do this from WordPress Reader, you need to first click the title of this post to open a new page. Note the replay icon (an arrow circling counter-clockwise.

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12 thoughts on “Crumpled

  1. Such a beautiful experience to experience these stages process their way through from the caterpillar to the butterfly. I knew about the wings, though the belly full of fluid (inner yolk-ish) was wayyyy new to me. Makes total sense, though new. Thank you, Michael,

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      1. Thank you, Michael. It’s been in the upper 90F here, close to 100F. I transplanted several milkweed seedlings in a couple areas with sprinklers. The major ares for the milkweed doesn’t have sprinklers so I’ll wait until fall or beginning winter to transplant. Will water them manually.

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