experience a glacier of Patagonia

Two person ship launch against glacier base.

Summer was the season for our visit to the edge of eternal, for now, Patagonian ice fields.  Remnants from the last ice age, larger than some (small) countries.  The site is surprisingly noisy with sharp, explosive, ice crackles.

More amazing even than the sounds, the dark shading on the ice is volcanic dust from recent eruptions of many cones

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16 thoughts on “Glacier!!!

  1. I had the pleasure of cruising Alaska’s Glacier Bay in a 65′ sailboat after crossing from Hawaii. The blues in the ice that you show were stunning, and surprising, and I couldn’t believe how much cracking, groaning, and general noise there was. It wasn’t necessarily loud, but it was ‘there’, and quite interesting.

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      1. No. It was the Alaska Eagle, a sail training vessel out of Orange Coast College in Newport Beach: 65′, and a Whitbread Around-the-World race winner.


      2. Thanks for the reference, Linda. Both my father and father-in-law had “Gypsy Moth Circles the World” in their libraries, I read it twice with enjoyment and expect to return to it. You are fortunate to have made a choice to cast off for adventure. I followed your blog.


    1. Absolutely….viewing it from the ship, we did not conceive the size until the boat floated below. The crew was taking their life in their hands with the danger from ice fall. I’d not have sent them out there. IMHO


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