Sundry elements

This Phragmites grows along Cayuga Lake shoreline. Cayuga Waterfront Trail, Ithaca, New York

A humble and fertile weed.

I learned today in China the stem of Phragmites, not this species possibly, is a common component of kites. Here, I’ve noticed the seed heads on stems used in home decoration. Some other uses Some other uses for Phragmites and other reeds in various cultures include baskets, mats, reed pen tips (qalam), and paper. Beekeepers can utilize the reeds to make nesting. In the Philippines, Phragmites is known by the local name tambo. Reed stands flower in December, and the blooms are harvested and bundled into whisk brooms called “walis”. Hence the common name of household brooms is walis tambo. Reeds have been used to make arrows and weapons such as spears for hunting game.

The movements of grace.

This is my first posting of photographs and video from the IPhone 14 ProMax.

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