Iron Grace

Spring Solstice is today

A storage building fashioned into an overlook, just off South Pulteney Road, Route 76, as the road climbs the hillside. This cast iron decoration graces the fence around the roof. The building is built into the hillside, one edge level with the ground.

As far back as I can remember, over thirty years, yet unmarked on maps, this building and view has been part of the experience of Keuka Lake.  During that time, the fence was erected to protect us.  The place symbolizes the gracious hospitality of the Finger Lakes Region.

I caught this feature during an outing to Dr. Frank Winery, just a ways up the road, one day of an unusually cold early December.

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17 thoughts on “Iron Grace

  1. I enjoy ironwork, and this is an elegant example. I’ve always wished Galveston homes could have this sort of decoration, but despite their early efforts, they had to content themselves with wooden gingerbread, because of the salt spray that pitted and rusted the iron.

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      1. Today it might be, although I think it would be ugly — at least it is in my imagination. But of course when most of those homes were built, prior to 1900, it was well before aluminum came along, so it wasn’t an option.

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      2. That is a good point – there is a potential for renovations and updates. The cast iron of this post is an add on to a standard fence. We have some aluminum chairs that are quite nice, there is a special paint for aluminum that is very durable.

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