Carpenter Falls flows into Skaneateles Lake

on the jug path

Under a crystal blue September sky, my wife and I climbed into the gorge of Bear Swamp Creek to the foot of this waterfall past the site of a distillery where, years ago, locals used to frequent using a “jug path.”

The creek is strictly protected as part of the water source for Syracuse, flowing from the Skaneateles Highlands past historical villages such as β€œNew Hope.” Before merging with Skaneateles Lake, the creek traverses this 90 foot fall, call Carpenter Falls.

You need to climb the steep slopes of the gorge for this unobstructed view.

It is even possible to climb to the ledge behind the water. Standing on the ledge, the stream passes 50 feet overhead. It is a lovely view down the gorge in all seasons.

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17 thoughts on “Carpenter Falls flows into Skaneateles Lake

  1. I’m always so surprised by your passion for capturing images. They certainly take you through some rough and ready terrain. You must thoroughly enjoy it, of course!
    Mind you; the images are well worth the effort…

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    1. Your kind words are appreciated, Carolyn. I came back to hiking and travel in my 50’s, certainly enjoyed it during my youth. It is fun to work with a camera to build memories of places we’ve been. Merry Christmas.

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