Weedy Orchid IV

Presenting a macro of a Broad-leaved Helleborine (Epipactis helleborine) growing in our rose garden, in full bloom, a profusion of orchid flowers.

Helleborine, the scientific name species designation, means like a Hellebore. It must refer calyx, the outer leaves forming the flower bud, these open to reveal the flower. In this macro, the unopened buds are upper right. Bottom center the calyx, fully open, with the flower ready to accept pollination, fertilization. After opening, the calyx seems to be part of the flower, a characteristic of hellebore (see Helleborus argutifolius).

The flowers attract a variety of Hymenoptera. I observed wasps, yellow-jackets visiting.

Click photograph for a larger view and use Ctrl-x to zoom in closer.

Photograph is from a 100mm “macro” lens, f6.3.

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18 thoughts on “Weedy Orchid IV

  1. I love how the beauty of these cascades. Excellent shot. With their “eyes” looking this way and that and their umbrella leaf up top, it feels a bit like the 300 Spartans marching with their shield over their head like warrior parasols to block out the sun — happily practicing for when arrows will blot out the sun. No war in the image, simply strong characters in the process of doing what they do, naturally.

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      1. I have only two plants, so far. I think they’ve appeared for a number of years and not proliferated. I had a look at them today. They seem to have finished blooming, unlike the ones in your photos. I’ll have to pay closer attention next year.

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