Christmas Angels

Angels I Have Known

This is part of my project to document our Christmas memories through photography. Here we explore the themes angels of the Christmas Story and in our lives.

The angels of our Christmas tree and home remind us of the Jesus birth stories of scripture and the force of love in our own lives.

What comes to mind with the sudden appearance of Gabriel to Mary and that astounding message? Unlike the attempt of Jonah to avoid his calling, the subtext to Mary’s ready acceptance is the risks faced by an affianced woman who becomes pregnant. The book of Deuteronomy (Chapter 22 verses 13 – 21) calls for stoning a woman who presents herself for marriage as a virgin, when she is not.

When learning of Mary’s pregnancy, Joseph’s reaction, as a follower of Mosaic Law, was to divorce her quietly to avoid exposing her to shame. It was a visit from an angel, in a dream, that convinced Joseph to accept Mary (Matthew Chapter 2, verses 18 – 24).


An angel visited shepherds, announcing “today in the city of David a savior has been born for you who is the Messiah and Lord.” Suddenly there was a multitude of the heavenly host with the angel, praising God.” Luke Chapter 2, verses 8 – 13.


Was it an angel who warned the Magi, in a dream, not to return to King Herod with news of Jesus (Matthew Chapter 2 Verse 12)? Scriptures clearly state (Matthew Chapter 2 verse 13) “the angle of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream and said, ‘Rise, take the child and his mother, flee to Egypt.”


People can be angelic in expressing love for others through action. I am thinking of a movie Pam and I viewed last evening, “The Theory of Everything.” Jane Wilde, in her love for Stephen Hawking, stays with him when, shortly after their romance began, he was diagnosed with ALS. The prognosis was death in two years. In all likelihood, Jane gave Stephen his life and work through loving him. He is alive and working today at 75.

Nested Angel

The love of our parents is more common, no less precious.


A note on the photographs, I used a Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III dslr with Canon lens EF 50 mm f/1.2L, Canon Speedlite 600Ex-Rt, Manfrotto studio tripod and hydrostatic ball head.  Some of the photographs were hand held.  When the flash was used, it supplemented ambient light from a large north facing bay window.

34 thoughts on “Christmas Angels

  1. Michael, this post is so beautiful in all ways. The wonderful pictures from your home
    and tree with so many precious angels. Also your clear text showing how love is stronger
    than the sword.
    Thank you

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  2. Wonderful images, Michael; you certainly have some beautiful memories and keepsakes. And congratulations on your Cozy Snowmen images; they are certainly worthy of the acceptance.
    (I have also seen ‘The Theory of Everything’; it is such a great movie; the message quite sublime.)
    It’s been wonderful getting to know you, and Pam, through your beautiful images and well created posts. Do have a wonderful Festive Season. I’ll look forward to visiting with you in 2018! πŸ™‚

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  3. Beautiful images of the angels. I do believe in angels and have encountered the angel in disguise appeared on my side, also encountered angel sitting next to me without my visual and seen by my son-in-law’s mother. The angel came to receive her Home. Congratulations to your “Cozy Snowmen” images.

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      1. Thank you, Michael. I wrote a blog about my encounter. The story about my son-in-law’s mother – I wrote an article and submitted to “Chicken Soup for the Soul” with the theme of miracle. It’s not posted on my blog yet. I could send it to you in pdf file if I have your email address. Mine is
        When my daughter and I were separated by her dad, my ex, I prayed for five years to ask God sent His Messengers to protect my daughter. She turned out to be a wonderful, caring lady and young mother.

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  4. I love Your Christmas tree decorations. They are beautiful. In our home, we have colorful glass birds. I came to Your blog, because You talked about Santa in one comment. We believe in Santa, because he lives at the Arctic Circle.

    It is Winter Wonderland where children can take reindeer rides.

    Santa Claus Village at the Arctic Circle.

    Roosevelt log Cabin at Arctic Circle.

    The second link is from the same place showing Roosevelt log cabin.

    Merry Christmas from Finland!


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