Falcon 9 rocket puts satellite into orbit for Luxembourg

Here is a series of photographs of the January 31, 2018 SpaceX launch of a Falcon9 bearing a Govsat1 (aka SES-16) satellite for Luxembourg.  The re-used Falcon 9 was in expendable mode. The photographs, taken from Cocoa Beach, Florida show the rocket rising above the city and port of Cape Canaveral, through cumulous clouds and into space.

There are the unedited “jpeg” files from the series. I need to crop out the dust spots and such.

Click for complete mission details.

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10 thoughts on “Falcon 9 rocket puts satellite into orbit for Luxembourg

  1. How wonderful to have seen a launch in real time. Thank you for letting us see long distance.
    On your photos I am struck by the immensity of the sky and the distance this big but little looking rocket has to travel.
    Evocative pictures.
    Thank you

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