January so far

Enjoy the slide show January retrospective

Here is a show of the Ireland photographs shared so far in January, as I prepared them for publication. Enjoy!!

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11 thoughts on “January so far

  1. A fab series of images Michael. I like Wales a lot where I live but I wish I could get back Ireland where I grew up – I love it. I know it will have changed a lot since I was last there but the landscape is still the landscape. Thank you for posting your photos.

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      1. I remember walking so many of the old roads as a young man with a rucksack on my back – Pre technology times. I loved it but it was a very wet Summer. Also climbing so often in the Mourne Mountains. It was a very happy time in spite of all The Troubles.

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      2. The Mourne Mountains are close to the Cooley Peninsula, across Carlingford Lough. My Mom was born there and we have many relatives still who we visited. Regularly correspond with cousins in Newry, Northern Ireland. We started and ended our 2014 Ireland tour on the Cooley Peninsula.

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