Ridge View

Cropped close by hungry sheep

Looking down Healy Pass toward Adrigole. Beara Peninsula, County Cork, Republic of Ireland.

Post script: digging out of the February 2/3 snow storm that hit upstate New York, a bit of the wild brushed by me as I finished up the drive way at twilight. A scraggly fox, travelling along the ploughed road, passed not 10 feet away making steady progress. I said, in a quiet voice,” its all right,” and it (he/she?) walked a bit faster. I watched as it stopped briefly to sniff a snow clump and continued.

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  1. The landscape and the looming clouds make for a great photo. Michael, I appreciate your note about the fox. One of my brothers lived and worked many years in the northern region of New York in Potsdam. Even being a native of Montana, he had never experienced so much snow.

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