Robin Nest Build

An American Robin prepares a home for her offspring.

Our backyard robins returned this year. Pam, remembering the “miss” they made on her roses, tore down the first bits of nest on our carriage light. They persisted and I implored her to “have a heart,” agreeing to look after their mess. Here she is in the second day, note how she shimmies to form the nest bowl.

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10 thoughts on “Robin Nest Build

  1. I hope things work out for this bird. Last week during a windy day, I saw a nest actually rolling down the street. It was made of moss and bits of wool. I guess it blew out of whatever tree or bush it was in; I hope there weren’t eggs or little birds in it when that happened! Sometimes I wonder how birds manage to reproduce, given the hazards.

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  2. We had a bird make a similar nest on the light by our front door. After a few days, it decided to leave for another location, leaving a mess for me to clean up.

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