First Balloon Sighting

Always surprising and a wonder

Pam and I enjoyed the local hot air balloon for the first time in 2021 floating directly in front of our home, along the valley formed by hills on the east and west, headed north toward Cayuga Lake and descending steadily, looked to have landed close by. I heard the “whoosh, whoosh” of the gas burner first and distinct from a jet landing at Tompkins County airport. Always a thrill to see one up close.

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14 thoughts on “First Balloon Sighting

  1. I love seeing the balloons. A few years ago, one tried to land in the park in front of our house, but the trees were too close. They ended up landing by the school.

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  2. We used to have an event called the Ballunar Festival on the grounds of the Johnson Space Center. I don’t know why it ended, but for a few years it was great fun watching the balloons rise in the morning.

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  3. Years ago we had a balloon make an emergency landing across the street from us. It was noisy as you noticed and all the neighbors came out to watch. No one was hurt though.

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