Drombeg Stone Circle VIII

Seventeen Stones

The photograph shared the last Drombeg posting needed hours of reworking before it was ready for submission to Stock Photography services. Ireland photography is my “money maker”, so the effort is work this.

Today, I share the image as it existed in camera, to the final product. The most detailed work was removing the human figures in the upper right corner. The camera sensor was problematic, with an light accumulation of dust. Below are the two images, each alone and as slideshow for flipping back and forth.

What differences can you observe? (comments, please)

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9 thoughts on “Drombeg Stone Circle VIII

  1. Definitely more appealing in 2nd image … mostly (for me) due to less haze … I like the bluer sky. If you hadn’t mentioned the people, I might’ve overlooked them … but yes, better w/o.

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    1. Thank you, Jazz, for writing your take. Yes, the figures are tucked away in the distance. I needed to remove them to avoid having a signed consent agreement, required for many stock photography sites.


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