Kinsale Walking Tour 2

Sensory Disconnect

The second of a series of idiosyncratic posts from a walking tour of Kinsale. My Sony Alpha 700 captured the events back in May 2014.

Text from the current Facebook page: The Temperance Hall is Kinsale’s example of Victorian architecture, constructed in 1885. It provides a space to facilitate those within the community and is used on a regular basis by all walks of life. Temperance Hall is space that can be rented by the community through Finishing Services which is located in the heart of Kinsale or can be contacted on 021 477 3571. The hall is run by a voluntary community committee who oversee the day to day running and maintenance of the hall. This Space is used by many groups in the town some of which are: Youth Café, Set Dancing, Bowling, Drumming Circle, Kuk Sool One, Active Retirement Tae Kwan Do, Craft Fairs, Self Defence Class, Dance, Art Exhibitions, Kinsale District Court Service, and Many Fundraising Events. This space can be used for many events on a non-commercial basis for €10 per hour and all enquirers can by made to Finishing Services on 021 4773571.

In “Dubliners,” Joyce uses sensory disconnect in evoke Gabriel’s epiphany, and effect the writing of this sign, quoting another writer, an American no less, near (next to…on?? Don’t recall) the Kinsale Temperance Hall.

All this is happening on Market Quay. A quay is a dock, historically ships were offloaded here.

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    1. Twain

      I found two references to this as a Fitzgerald quote….as product images


      1. A problem with the internet is that people see a quotation that’s claimed to be by a certain person and copy it without checking that the words are accurate and that the purported author is really the author. One tip-off that there’s a problem is if you never find anything more specific, like the year of the quotation or what specifically it’s from: a letter, a speech, a play, a poem, etc. When that sort of corroborating evidence is lacking, my default is to assume the words are not properly attributed.


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