Falling Water


Amid the crystallized water, super-cooled, flowing water seeps through the structure to fall free.

See “The Fang” for the first post of this series.

10 thoughts on “Falling Water

  1. I’ve not experienced this, Michael. Although I’ve been to the northern hemisphere in winter I’ve yet to see a scene such as this… I do find it fascinating that water can solidify mid stream. To see Niagara Falls in this state, as an example, would be beyond imagination.
    Just to give a little perspective – It will reach 41C today in my neck of Oz – Way too hot.

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    1. Flowing water freezes from the bottom up, during extended cold spells. These are becoming less frequent…climate change is not a myth. We were fortunate to view the glaciers of South America. Good to hear from you Carolyn.

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