The Cave?

The Object Comes Into View

Flowing water eroded away until this durable limestone strata.  The majority of sedimentary rock is shale, only 6% is limestone.  Throughout the Finger Lakes and elsewhere, this is why when flowing water exposed the edge of a limestone strata, the underlying, soft shales are worn away to reveal a waterfall, ever deepening.  Eventually, the support of the limestone washes away to form this ledge.  Here it is an ephemeral cave behind a curtain of ice.

See “The Fang?” for the first post of this series.

25 thoughts on “The Cave?

  1. I love your composition — the cave’s soft shadowy entrance beckons us in, while the bright-white, spiky stalactites keep us at bay. Wonderful!

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  2. You caught winter on it´s best.
    They brought me back to my childhood, with frost pattern on the window and hot cocoa from my granny.
    Thank you for this.

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      1. Two years ago my beloved Granny died, so this pictures gave me back a so wonderful remembering from her.
        I´m not ashamed to say, with them you gave me a present for my heart.

        Do you have grandchildren??

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      2. Wow, that´s great.
        I´m sure you are a great grandpa. In your pictures, I find a great soul and so much love – exactly to my Granny.

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