The elements come into focus, revealing Ludlowville Falls, near Lansing, New York.  On the eastern side of Cayuga Lake, Salmon Creek plunges 35 feet over this limestone shelf.  Pioneers constructed a grist mill at this site.  

Here we see The Fang hanging over the entrance to The Cave.  There is falling water overall, but especially the center section (can you see it?).  The weight of accumulated ice fractured a portion of the frozen cascade. 

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  1. I suspect that’s exactly why my mother would yell, “Don’t stand under those icicles! One of them could break.” The ones hanging from the second story of our house sometimes were huge, and could have done a little damage.

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  2. Lansing, New York? It’s fascinating that Michigan, Kansas, Illinois and West Virginia also have a town name Lansing. I wonder why.

    We have no “real” snow as yet in New Jersey, but we do have the cold. And the rain.

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    1. Here is a partial answer to your question, Khurt. The USA was settled, generally, from the east to west coast. Lansing, New York was settled by land grants to Revolutionary War soldiers. People from Lansing were early settlers of Michigan where they named a town after their former home. That town later became the capital of Michigan. The New York Lansing was named after the family name of a settler. That is also true for the Kansas Lansing. Lansings were early settlers of the Illinois town. There is not much info on the West Virginia Lansing.

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  3. I checked out Ocotillo Sunset, too. One of the pleasures of living here near the desert is seeing them in every season, every stage, from withered, brown sticks to supple, green wands with brilliant red flowers. All good.

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