Night Blooming Cereus VIII

reaction to cold temperature

Our “Night Blooming Cereus” is blooming earlier in 2021, blooms opened twice during nights of early August. I put the name in quotes because during the course of writing the first seven posts ( I through VII ) I learned this is NOT a member of the genus Cereus, it is actually an epiphyte of the Epiphyllum genus.

For those familiar with the early history of New York City and Hudson Valley it is easy to see why a common name of the plant is “Dutchman’s Pipe Cactus.”

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  1. By whichever name, these are amazing plants with spectacular blooms. Here in central Texas they bloom in July – some years more prolific than others. Ours needs to be relocated to a clearer view so we can truly see the blooms which this year and last were smashed against the porch window, visible only from outside looking through glass. Gotta get to work reorganizing back porch (greenhouse) plant layout! We celebrated with a neighbor who has a huge pot of these on her front porch – she announced a “bloom party” for the night most would open – 30 or so! -delightful but not the best photo op as others’ hands/cameras kept getting between me and my intended focus.
    So glad you post these! Thanks!

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