Around and About Athens, New York, part 4 Finale

295 year old Zillow listing

Real Estate

Home for 295 years, one way to describe the Albertus Van Loon house, 85 North Washington street, Athens, New York. Built before there was a George Washington or Athens New York. The river flowing by was named North River when this door first opened. The Delaware was South River.

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Listed today on Zillow with a increasing value and, incredibly, “built 1725.”

Well cared for…..

…..solid masonry walls with timber additions.

Right on the Hudson River.


Albertus is a Great+ Uncle for Pam. She felt the connection to this place, marveled at the well build masonry and solid windows, absolutely loved the ivy. 85 North Washington was our last stop.

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18 thoughts on “Around and About Athens, New York, part 4 Finale

  1. Incredible! That this house was built on the Hudson River before it was called the Hudson, and there was no town yet. Beautiful photos. Thanks for this series, Michael Stephen, I enjoyed it.

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  2. Ya’ll this is great! I want to buy it for my Girl and me, but I just don’t think I can afford it! ( Well, that’s not going to work because I’m going into the Air Force) Anyway, great post!

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