Gone Fish’in

Rory’s Third Birthday

Cake design and production by Grandma for Rory’s Third 3 Birthday. On the lead up to the special day, Grandmother phones Rory to interview him for his birthday cake wishes. Rice Krispy treats drizzled with melted colored chocolate to resemble a coral reef. Chocolate cupcakes with homemade buttercream icing.

This was three years ago at the start of Covid-19 pandemic. We drove up his long, snowy drive way……

Rory, Mom and brother Sam welcomed us.

Pam had Swedish fish and other fixings for Rory to put on the finishing touches.

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11 thoughts on “Gone Fish’in

      1. Hahah… He certainly looked like he was enjoying decorating the cake – such fun.
        Perhaps ‘fishing’ will be a future enjoyment for you and Rory, or any of the grandchildren. A very pleasant thought!

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