Creeping up on 800 Readers….

….or 800 creeping up on me.

797 is the count of subscribers to this blog, an interesting number. The individual numerals sum to a prime number, 23. The first and last can be swapped to yield the same number. I appreciate each and every “1” added together, you readers. Thank You.

Here is a selection of images from post posts.

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30 thoughts on “Creeping up on 800 Readers….

    1. This is from Cocoa Beach on the “Space Coast” of Florida. I know the Eastern Shore having worked at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center in the 80’s and, at that time, the hospital hosted a soft shell crab picnic for employees. Crabs are big there.

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      1. Thanks for sharing the Cocoa Beach location. My youngest daughter spent a couple of days there a few years ago. You are right about crabs being a “big deal’ in Maryland. I still manage to travel there as my wife has two brothers living near the Eastern Shore.

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