Kerry View Four

Coolcreen Townland

Number four of seven from the Kerry County side near the top of Healy Pass, R574. With a Canon 24 mm, wide angle, lens mounted on the Canon 5D Mark IV dslr, all on a sturdy Manfrotto studio tripod and hydrostatic ball head, I moved the rig forward, as can be seen by comparing the four photographs shared so far in this series. Your can see the foreground “reef” boulder of today’s photograph in the previous three views.

As I moved forward the ground dropped away and the view opens up. The near water is Glenmore Lake, discussed in yesterday’s view, the far waters are rivers and the Atlantic, as discussed in the first view. The road is Healy Pass, R574, in this direction headed toward Lauragh.

Beara Peninsula, Coolcreen townland, County Kerry, Republic of Ireland.

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