Autumn Clouds

catching late light

This evening cirrus clouds filled the sky at sunset. View the following photographs to understand how these forms are named from the Latin word for a ringlet, or curl, of hair. Formed above 16,500 feet, on this day the cirrus glow with the light of a sun low in the sky.

Here is a wide view from our driveway that includes a deteriorating con trail and possibly a mixture of other cloud types, I am no expert. I used a Canon “zoom” lens for flexibility in framing. To minimize exposure time for a crisp capture of the moving object, ISO was set to to 1,000 and the f-stop minimized.

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Post production I needed to spend time removing dust spots (neglected to clean the image sensor), some of the images still have those annoying spots.

We enjoy looking west across the valley when the hills are glowing.

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References: search for Cirrus Cloud on Wikipedia.

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26 thoughts on “Autumn Clouds

  1. You can never have too many photos of cloud formations. I once watched a formation move across the sky, waiting for it to reach a certain place for the perfect shot. Just short of the perfect spot, it dissipated. Poof. No more perfect shot.

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  2. It is common knowledge that most people rarely look up, unless it is for a special reason, yet right above our heads there is so much beauty. Lovely work Michael!

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