Valentines Day Greetings

1959 through today

Theresa (2), Michael (5), Christine (4) in the livingroom of 107 Deepdale Parkway, Albertson, New York on Valentines Day 1959

Chocolate Valentines Day cake by Pamela Wills

Pam and I aboard the Oceania Regatta sailing the Pacific Ocean off Chile. The following day we reached Puerto Montt.

Our Valentine Grandchild born February 14, 2015 Kayvon’s day with Grandpa and Grandma Wills opening presents and decorating his cake.

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  1. In the Middle Ages, young men and women drew names from bowls to find their match for the day. They would wear that name pinned to their sleeves all week for everyone else to see. This is the root of the expression in English “you wear your heart on your sleeve”.
    In 1537, the English king Henry VII officially declared February 14 as the holiday of St. Valentine.


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