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Mullioned windows along the nave provide brilliant illumination, into the side aisles where we see, in the following photograph, a chapel devoted to a Marian Apparition.

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The framed image is the appearance of the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ, appearing to six native children. The event, called a Marian Apparition, does not correspond to any such event I am aware of. Nor did one come up in my researches. The most famous appearance of Mary in the Americas if the Virgin of Guadalupe who appeared to a man, a recent convert to Catholicism from the Aztec religion, Saint Juan Diego, and is Uncle,  Juan Bernardino, in the year 1531, Mexico. I provided a list of Marian Apparations under references.

The left aisle hosts another Marian chapel, a Madonna.

The most accessible Marian Devotion is the rosary, here in the form of crystal beads.

Instead of an arch, the central aisle is a flat roof with some additional support from wood beams. We will explore the side aisles in later posts.

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List of Marian Apparitions

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