White House Overlook

Thunderhead and Red Rock

Whitehouse Overlook At Sunset
The Whitehouse Ruin of Canyon de Chelly is just visible at left in the far cliff, in the notch of the near cliff. The ruin trail is visible on the canyon floor. Notice the road following the canyon and the plantings with house on the right.

The landscapes I capture, like the face of a missing friend, fade gently from memory. My piece “Moon Fin Canyon de Chelly” became a mysterious vision. I remembered the context, the canyon topology was lost until I constructed the panorama, above, from three shots taken one evening, July 2008, from a cliff near the White House Overlook. Five years after my visit with Sean Wills, Pam and I returned to Canyon de Chelly to walk the same path.

At that time, a 50 mm lens was my widest angle, so I would take multiple images in sequence and use Photoshop later to construct a panorama. This past Sunday afternoon I spent stitching together my work from 2008.  In doing so I see “my fin”, in the center, bordered by the canyon road, is attached to the White House Ruin cliff via a thin ridge.

During that session a photogenic thunderhead, lit by the evening, hovered behind the fin as the gibbous moon did that long ago evening.

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Rock Fin and Thunderhead

20 thoughts on “White House Overlook

    1. Hi Steve, with preparation, monsoon season (July) is a great time to visit Northern Arizona. Another time is winter. We visited July and were favored with many days of developing thunderstorms. I love the smell of distant rain on the desert.


    1. If you are visiting the Four Corners area, Canyon De Chelly is a must see….plan on a minimum of two days.

      The park has one hiking trail accessible to the general public, a relatively short and rewarding trail down the cliff and to the White House Ruin. The climbing portion is maybe a quarter mile, the rest is over flat terrain. Not challenging, rewarding though with great views and interesting sights. To access the rest of the canyon it is necessary to hire a guide. Here is a link with some info…….


      Thanks, Agness…


  1. I’ve really enjoyed reading and seeing the beautiful photographs this afternoon from your trips to Canyon de Chelly. You have quite a talent for capturing amazing images with a camera!


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